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An energy solution for every energy challengeStay sustainable with peak shaving

The shift to green energy often means more power consumption. Our electricity grid is not always able to cope. Fortunately, peak shaving offers a solution. Energy storage prevents peaks in consumption and keeps machines and equipment running at all times.


Energy solution with peak shaving

Peak shaving means using electricity more intelligently by better matching supply and demand. The idea is to use electricity mainly when it puts the least strain on the grid. In other words, during quiet times. To avoid overloading the grid.

Peak shaving means storing electricity at night and using it during the day when there is a shortage. For example, when you start up a production line or use heavy equipment. In this way, you use the power available from the grid when the load on the grid is lower. You can also use your own solar and wind power when you need it most.


Battery pack as a solution

Peak shaving with batteries works like this: when less power is being drawn from the grid, a battery is used to store the excess power. When times are quiet, the battery is charged with the available capacity. Later, when the grid cannot provide enough power, you can use the stored energy from the battery.

As well as storing electricity from the grid, our battery packs can also store your own solar or wind power for later use. You can use the battery at peak times. This prevents the grid from being overloaded.

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Peak shaving off the grid

No grid connection available? You can still generate and store energy. A practical solution is to use a hybrid generator. This unit uses several sources of energy to reduce the load on the generator.

One example is the combination of solar panels and a battery. Excess energy from the solar panels is stored in the battery for use when needed. Do you need temporary power due to an outage or for a project? We can make sure your project is not delayed.

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Expert advice and support

Using temporary power can be more complicated than it first appears. That is why expert advice is essential. Not only will it ensure safety, it will often save you money.

Monitoring and control
Monitoring and control are key. By looking at all the data available, you can immediately see whether energy needs are being met and where problems may be occurring. This gives you control and supports your sustainability efforts.

Professional advice from the experts
Fortunately, you do not have to go it alone. Our experts are on hand to provide tailored advice and support. In a face-to-face meeting, they can advise you on a reliable energy solution that fits your project perfectly.

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