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Tackling grid congestion with peak shavingSmart and sustainable solutions to grid congestion

The electricity grid in the Netherlands is becoming increasingly overloaded. And this is a worrying situation. Especially for construction and infrastructure companies. While the demand for electrical equipment is increasing due to more sustainable practices, project managers are increasingly being told that there is not enough electricity available. What exactly is grid congestion and what solutions does Boels have to address this challenge?

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What is grid congestion?

Grid congestion occurs when there is more demand than the grid can handle. As a result, demand often cannot be met, causing the flow of electricity to slow or even stop.

As a result, only a limited amount of electricity can be taken or returned at such times. An additional problem is that in some places there is a shortage of electricity. There is more demand for electricity than the grid can supply. Contractors, for example, are unable to connect to the grid.


Power solutions for your grid congestion challenges

The transition to renewable energy has overwhelmed our electricity grid. Applications for new power connections are being rejected. Fortunately, peak shaving and temporary energy storage offer a viable solution.

Peak shaving
Peak shaving coordinates power supply and demand without disrupting operations. It makes clever use of your current connection and smoothes out power consumption with an energy storage system, such as a battery container. This prevents peak loads.

Power storage
The equivalent of peak shaving, energy storage works autonomously without being connected to the grid. An energy storage system collects power from solar panels, wind turbines, generators or the grid and stores it in a battery. It can also work without being connected to the grid.

Temporary power supply
No grid connection, but you want to build. Temporary power offers a solution. In addition to traditional diesel generators, there are now sustainable options that store electricity and can save you money.

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Good advice will help you keep working smoothly

Using temporary power is more complex than it seems. That is why expert advice is essential. It ensures safety and cost savings.

Monitoring and control
Monitoring and control provide the ideal support. With all the data available, you can instantly see if the energy requirements are being met and where any problems might arise. This puts you in control and supports your sustainability efforts.

Tailored advice and support
But you are not alone. Our specialists are on hand to provide advice and support. They will be happy to meet with you in person to advise you on a reliable energy solution that best suits your project.

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