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Customized rental solutions for telecom companies

In the digital age, people rely more than ever on cable, internet, mobile, and phone companies. This poses a challenge for telecommunications companies to establish new structures while also maintaining and upgrading existing ones. The right equipment is essential for managing and building these structures.

At Boels, we are ready to provide equipment, expertise, and information for the construction and maintenance of telecom structures. From generators and power units to air compressors, pneumatic tools, and aerial work platforms. Our team has the tools, machinery, and knowledge to assist you in finding a tailored solution. We are eager to collaborate with you to find the best rental solution.

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Always the right equipment for telecom projects

Whether it's small or large telecom projects, short or long rental periods, or challenging conditions in hard-to-reach places, Boels has the specialized knowledge and products for your telecom project.

With an extensive range of 860,000 rental items, we can always provide you with the right equipment. And our expert staff are happy to work with you to find the best solution for your project.

Professional equipment and tools for the telecom industry


Total solutions for the telecom industry

Working in the telecom industry means that millions of people rely on your services every day. The thought of a day without phone or internet connection seems almost unthinkable.

In case of an emergency or planned outage, you need the capacity to respond quickly and efficiently. We can assist you with that. Whether you need general equipment like portable lighting or more specialized solutions such as rental of power and climate control equipment, Boels is ready to help you.

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Support, fast service and reliable telecommunications solutions

It is crucial that your telecom operations are carried out accurately and on schedule. You focus on your work, and we ensure the right equipment is in the right place at the right time.

Even in challenging situations or emergencies, we strive to provide the most suitable solution. Hands-on and willing to go that extra mile, that's the Boels mentality.


Always a solution for your telecom project

Whether it's a sudden emergency or a planned event, our experts are available 24/7 to provide reliable equipment and solutions. With our extensive knowledge, we can help reduce inefficiencies and improve performance.

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Emergency Assistance for Calamities

Need urgent advice and facility assistance? We are ready with advice and suitable emergency solutions.

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Our service always within reach for questions about products, availability, or delivery. Everything arranged with just one phone call.

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Boels Lease

Need machines and tools for a longer period? With Boels Lease, you rent equipment for an extended period for a fixed all-inclusive weekly rate, without costs for maintenance, inspections, and repairs.

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All your Boels affairs in one convenient online environment. View rental history, invoices, and contracts. Or gain insight into the current performance of rented machines with telematics.

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Customized advice and support

Our experts are ready to find the best solution for your challenge. Contact us to find out how we can contribute to the success of your project.