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Total solutions for retail

Customer experience can be crucial to success in retail. A clean and safe environment for both customers and employees is important in this regard. Boels can assist you with maintenance. Together, we ensure that your store is a welcoming and secure destination, regardless of the type of store or location. We have the right equipment and services for your project.

Whether you have a clothing store, bakery, restaurant, supermarket, hardware store, or furniture store, let our experts assist you. From power, HVAC, floor cleaning to aerial work platforms, scaffolding and ladders, and lawn and landscaping maintenance, Boels keeps you going.

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  • Large and fast availability of equipment
  • Flexible rental at attractive rates
  • One-stop solution for any project
  • Easy and fast rental solutions

Wide choice of rental equipment for retail maintenance and management

Boels offers an extensive rental range of over 2,500 products and 860,000 rental items. For example, our floor maintenance equipment is ideal for cleaning aisles and walkways. For exterior maintenance, high-pressure cleaners and powerful leaf vacuums or blowers provide the perfect solution for a clean storefront.

Looking to maintain a lawn around your store? Boels can help with that too. We also rent out machines and tools for lawn maintenance, such as lawn mowers, lawn aerators, and scarifiers.  We also have a wide variety of machines for power generation, climate control, and facility maintenance to meet your daily needs, ranging from generators to dehumidifiers.

Professional machinery and tools for the retail sector


A reliable partner that collaborates on solutions.

At Boels, we believe in finding the right solution for every challenge. Our expert professionals are ready to collaborate with you to determine the best approach for your project. With the extensive knowledge of our skilled team members, we can provide tailored advice, support, and, of course, equipment.

Contact us today to discover how we can assist you with your retail projects.

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Complete solutions for large and small events

Whether it's a clearance sale, holiday, or corporate event, special occasions require extensive preparation and cleanup. From hanging banners to placing protective ground covers in the parking lot.

Boels can supply all rental materials for large and small events. From tools and forklifts to cash registers, temporary office space, storage, security cameras, lockers, waste bins, and portable restroom facilities.

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Safety and security

Safety is always a top priority for both customers and staff. Boels offers a comprehensive range of tools and equipment for the retail industry. For instance, equipment to support you in installing or upgrading safety measures. Think of aerial work platforms for installing security systems and electric tools for maintaining lighting fixtures. Additionally, we provide portable lighting and advanced surveillance and security cameras.

Our experts are ready to assist you in finding the right products to enhance safety and security.

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Boels is your one-stop rental partner

Emergency Assistance for Calamities

Need urgent advice and facility assistance? We are ready with advice and suitable emergency solutions.

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Our service always within reach for questions about products, availability, or delivery. Everything arranged with just one phone call.

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Boels Lease

Need machines and tools for a longer period? With Boels Lease, you rent equipment for an extended period for a fixed all-inclusive weekly rate, without costs for maintenance, inspections, and repairs.

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Boels Sales

Sale of consumables, personal protective equipment, and accessories. Also, we offer new machinery and tools for purchase.

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Find the perfect solution for your retail project

Our experts are ready to find the best solution for your retail challenge. Contact us and discover how we can contribute to the success of your project.