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Support and equipment for emergencies and disasters

A disaster can strike at any time and anywhere. Whether it's an everyday disaster such as a building fire or a burst pipe, or a natural calamity like a flood, wildfire, or snowstorm, emergency planning is crucial.

During emergencies and disasters, you can always rely on our fast and efficient critical support service. Boels is ready with the right equipment to help you minimize damage. We not only support you during and after emergencies but also assist you in preparing for the future.

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Reliable partner for all your emergency equipment needs

Whether you require emergency facilities or immediate additional machinery or tools, you can always rely on us during disasters and emergencies. From providing temporary power and climate control to floors, scaffolding, temporary structures, pumps, and more.

We are available at any time of the day with the right equipment, knowledge, and service to tackle your biggest challenges. Moreover, our 830 branches are spread across 27 countries. So, there is always a branch near you to provide you with the necessary machinery, tools, and support.

Professional machinery and tools for emergencies and crises


Comprehensive solutions for emergencies

Everyday disasters
Events with significant losses can occur at any time. When an unexpected emergency arises within your business, we are ready with the right equipment to restore the damage.

Fire damage
Whether it's wildfires or building fires, we guide you through every step of the recovery process to restore what has been lost and damaged during the fire.

Natural disasters
Buildings, roads, or other facilities destroyed by a storm with strong winds or floods? We have machinery and tools to carry on.

Extreme winter storms
Snowstorms and extreme winter weather can cause internal and external damage to buildings. Our equipment helps you to restore damage from heavy storms and cold.

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Prepared for emergencies with critical support service

An interruption to business due to an emergency or disaster is unavoidable. However, you can be prepared for it. For example, by establishing an emergency plan and determining which machinery and tools you will need when disaster strikes. This can help shorten the recovery time.

Boels is ready to support you with the critical support service. With equipment, services, and solutions tailored to your needs, we are here to assist you even before a disaster occurs.

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Machinery and tools for disaster recovery and emergencies

After every disaster, the mantra is: the quicker you can respond, the sooner the recovery process begins. We are here to assist you in removing immediate risks and hazards, ensuring people's safety, and transporting the right machinery and tools to the affected areas.

We have the appropriate tools and equipment to aid you in debris clearance, providing temporary power and climate control systems, pumping water out of buildings, restoring equipment or storage facilities, and much more.


Solutions for restoration work

Recovery after a disaster requires a lot of time and resources. Whether you need a complete equipment solution or additional equipment to meet your project requirements.

In our extensive range, you'll find guaranteed equipment to assist you in cleanup and long-term restoration. From indoor dehumidification and air quality solutions to ground protection mats and scaffolding, as well as mobile elevated work platforms for high-level work. We are ready to quickly and safely get you back to work.

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Boels is your one-stop rental partner

Emergency Assistance for Calamities

Need urgent advice and facility assistance? We are ready with advice and suitable emergency solutions.

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Our service always within reach for questions about products, availability, or delivery. Everything arranged with just one phone call.

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Rental Protection Plan

Protect rented materials against damage, loss, and theft with our Rental Protection Plan.

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Boels Sales

Sale of consumables, personal protective equipment, and accessories. Also, we offer new machinery and tools for purchase.

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Customized advice and support

Our experts are ready to find the best solution for your emergency or crisis. Contact us and discover how we can support you.