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From one wastewater pump to a complete temporary pump systemPumps

Dirty water pumps
Versatile applications. With a diesel or electric motor. Also available as an ATEX pump for a variety of applications in explosive environments at (petro)chemical plants.
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Plunger pumps
Submersible pumps for pumping surface water, contaminated construction and industrial water, drainage water and rainwater. Robust submersible sewage pumps and sludge pumps for sewage and sludge are also available.
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Diaphragm Pumps
Air-operated diaphragm pumps for use with virtually any viscous or corrosive medium containing small solid particles.
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Dewatering pumps
Diesel and electric wellpoint dewatering pumps for pumping out wells quietly and continuously. A constant high vacuum ensures effective air handling.
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High-pressure Pumps
High-pressure pumps for testing water in storage tanks, cleaning and flushing pipe systems, filling and pressurising pipelines and storage tanks, injecting and extracting piles and sheet piling, and as a booster pump.
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Pipes, hoses and accessories
High-pressure pumps for testing water in storage tanks, cleaning and flushing pipe systems, filling and pressurising pipelines and storage tanks, injecting and extracting piles and sheet piling, and as a booster pump.
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  • Pumps and temporary pump systems
  • Wide range of pumps and high availability
  • Personalised advice from our experienced specialists
  • 24/7 service for emergencies

Customised pump rentals for any application

From keeping a construction pit dry and pumping out a flooded cellar, to pumping raw sewage, sludge or dirty surface water at a construction pit, or reducing the groundwater level. At Boels, we have many years of experience dealing with every kind of pumping issue. From individual rentals to complete temporary pump systems for large projects in the public sector, industrial settings, the marine and offshore sectors, and civil engineering works.

Always the right pump for your project

No two pumps, environments or pumping issues are ever the same. Each situation requires a different pump. A good pump solution takes into account work operations, environmental factors, pump specifications and much more. But thanks to our specialist knowledge, extensive product range and total service package, we can always provide a suitable pump solution. This allows you to focus on your own work with complete peace of mind.

Eekels Pompen
Eekels Pompen is the pump rental specialist from Boels Rental. Their expert advice and comprehensive product range can take the pressure off of virtually any sector. The turn-key solutions from Eekels Pompen cover the entire process from work site assessment to 24/7 service.

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Complete pump systems for small and large projects

Looking for a fully assembled pump system? Boels will arrange it for you. We specialise in the complete implementation and supervision of both small and large projects. Full pump systems, including piping, bridge structures, automatic level control and more? Pipes, hoses, elbows, adapters, T-connectors and valves? From advice to delivery, we’re here to support you in every aspect of your project.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you.

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Specialist knowledge for every pumping job

Do you need advice? At Boels, you get a total service package. From enquiry to after-sales. Our experts calculate, transport and assemble the best temporary pump systems for project-based jobs, emergencies and regular maintenance. Because no matter what challenge you face, we have everything you need at Boels for your project.

Want to know how we offer truly complete pump rentals? Our expert staff will gladly work with you to find the best solution for your project.

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Ask our experts for an obligation-free quote

Request an obligation-free quote today. Our experts will be happy to help you find the right pump or put together a complete temporary pump system.

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Reliable pumps without faults

Expertise, safety and reliability are at the heart of everything we do. When you rent from Boels, you can rest assured that you will be supplied with pumps that have been thoroughly checked and inspected. And you can also be certain of safe operations with the pumping equipment from top brands such as Hidrostal, Grindex, Betsy and Pioneer Pump.

It is possible to equip the pumps with optional alarm units. This allows our 24/7 service to receive instant notifications in case of an alarm or fault, which we can then quickly resolve.

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ATEX pumps

We also have explosion-proof ATEX pumps for the (petro)chemical industry. These pumps are constructed to ensure that hot or sparking parts are shielded and prevented from causing explosions.
We also offer a dedicated range of electric and air-operated stainless steel pump sets for pumping aggressive and corrosive chemical liquids in ATEX zones.

Discover how we help our clients

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Expertise and service of Eekels Pompen crucial
Expertise and service of Eekels Pompen crucial

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Emergency service

Pump failures, flooding, faults or fires happen suddenly. And always at the most inconvenient times. Emergencies don't make allowances for business hours.

Whether you need emergency facilities or additional equipment right away, you can always count on our fast and efficient critical support services in case of emergencies. Boels is here to help you.

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Quiet generators for reduced noise pollution

Don’t have any power on site or not enough to supply your electric pumps? In that case, generators are essential for temporary power supply. Our generators come in increasing capacities from 10 kVA to as much as 700 kVA.

To keep noise pollution to a minimum for local residents, you can also rent whisper-quiet generators from Boels with noise-insulated housing.

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Tailored advice and support

Need to find the right pump or have a complete temporary pump system installed? Our experts are ready to help you find the right pumping solutions.