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Professional machinery and tools for educational institutions

For students, teachers, and administrators, a safe, comfortable, and clean environment is crucial. Whether you need a scissor lift to modernize a gymnasium, heavy compaction equipment to lay the foundation for building expansions, or units for temporary classrooms, Boels can provide you with the necessary equipment.

By renting the equipment, you can easily and efficiently complete the job. And at lower costs than purchasing the tools and machinery. You always have access to professional-grade equipment that meets all safety standards, without the expenses, storage, or maintenance associated with owning equipment. You only rent something when you need it.

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Equipment for cleaning and maintaining educational institutions

Maintaining classrooms, corridors, canteens, school grounds, parking lots, sports halls, and fields? Boels has the right equipment for you. With our quiet scrubbing machines, you can clean efficiently and quietly, ideal for maintenance during school hours.

Additionally, our lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and pressure washers can assist in quickly and efficiently cleaning playgrounds and parking areas.

Professional machinery and tools for educational projects


Total solutions and support for education

Whether you're expanding your school campus, renovating your school facilities, or constructing a new sports hall, Boels is your reliable partner that can quickly provide you with all the necessary equipment for your construction projects. Our experts are ready to assist you from start to finish.

We offer a wide range of equipment, from industrial excavators and cherry pickers to portable generators, aluminum scaffolding towers, and more. All our equipment is thoroughly tested and ready for your project.

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Modern and certified tools and machinery

At Boels, we understand that educational institutions require reliable equipment that can perform at any time. That's why our focus is on expertise, safety, and reliability.

Our equipment is meticulously maintained by professionals, ensuring that it is always inspected, cleaned, and certified. With our young fleet, with an average age of 48 months, you can always rely on modern and dependable machines.


Equipment for small and large events

Special events such as a school party or graduation ceremony may require a lot of preparation and cleaning. Boels has the right equipment to make every large and small event a success. From cherry pickers for hanging party lights and banners to protective ground coverings in parking lots. Or heating, cooling, and air management options. But also camera surveillance, access control, lockers, waste bins, and sanitation facilities.

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Boels is your one-stop rental partner

Boels Lease

Need machines and tools for a longer period? With Boels Lease, you rent equipment for an extended period for a fixed all-inclusive weekly rate, without costs for maintenance, inspections, and repairs.

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Rental Protection Plan

Protect rented materials against damage, loss, and theft with our Rental Protection Plan.

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Our service always within reach for questions about products, availability, or delivery. Everything arranged with just one phone call.

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Emergency Assistance for Calamities

Need urgent advice and facility assistance? We are ready with advice and suitable emergency solutions.

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Advice and tailor-made solutions for educational projects.

Our experts are ready to find the best solution for your educational project. Contact us and discover how we can contribute to the success of your endeavor.