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From simple kitchens to complete restaurantsPortable Kitchens

Production kitchens
The kitchen equipment can be tailored to your exact specifications. All electrical and gas connections are standard in the Production kitchens to ensure easy installation of the kitchen appliances. These kitchens also have an extractor hood.
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Preparation kitchens
The kitchen worktops are spaciously laid out with maximum efficiency in mind. The 10-metre kitchens have a built-in refrigerator or freezer unit and space cooling.
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Dishwasher kitchens
The kitchens are feature a transport dishwasher, a basket transport dishwasher or a utensil dishwasher, each with a capacity of up to approximately 2,800 plates per hour.  
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Cooling & Freezing
The cooling and freezer units are available in 3 and 6-metre lengths and have a capacity of 3 to 8 euro pallets per unit. Each cooling and freezer unit has a quick-release mechanism, an alarm system for lock-in protection, a siren and a flashing light.
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Food Service Counters
The various distribution lines provide all of the flexibility you will need when setting up a self-service canteen, for example. They range from serving counters for hot or cold food, to cash registers.
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Kitchen equipment
The kitchen equipment range varies from combi steamers, roasting trays and kettles to stoves, refrigerators and freezers. A wide range of dishwashers is also available. 
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  • The latest equipment and high availability
  • Customised advice from our professional specialists
  • Guidance from A to Z through one point of contact
  • Complete care during every project stage

When do you call Boels Portable Kitchens?

Boels Portable Kitchens supplies mobile kitchens, kitchen equipment, dishwashing units, refrigeration and freezer capacity, storage units, sanitary units and/or restaurant facilities. Whether you need a production kitchen for a week, a refrigerator unit or kitchen equipment for a month, or a temporary kitchen for a number of years, Boels Portable Kitchens is the company to call. We have a solution for virtually every situation.

  • During your (commercial) kitchen renovation
  • For temporary capacity problems
  • Fire damage or flooding
  • Event catering
  • A kitchen at unique locations

Curious about our kitchen solutions?
Our experts are on hand to discuss the options with you and provide a free quote.

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Flexible solutions

Do you temporarily need extra kitchen capacity due to a refurbishment, emergency, expansion or event? Boels Portable Kitchens has the perfect solution when renovating kitchens, for unforeseen circumstances, peak periods or a unique event. With our mobile kitchens, cooling units, dishwasher units, support units and kitchen equipment, we deliver flexible solutions for your short- and medium-term projects, as well as tailor-made solutions for projects that last longer.

We have a solution for virtually every situation. The options are endless. Our total kitchen solution concepts are known for their flexible layout and we can design them entirely according to your wishes and specifications. Do you the worktop raised up or the units to interconnect? Not a problem. We can also connect the kitchen units to you existing building, a tent or a hall. The right (catering) kitchen solution for your project is always within reach; simple, fast and flexible.
Be surprised by the limitless possibilities and solutions we have to offer.

Medium-sized commercial kitchen

This total concept is an example of a small to medium-sized kitchen solution. These kitchens are big enough for a team of five employees and can serve up to around 500 meals a day.

Medium-sized kitchen set-up
Large commercial kitchen

This total concept is an example of a medium-sized professional kitchen solution. These kitchens are big enough for a team of eight employees and can serve up to around 1,500 meals a day.

Commercial/institutional kitchen
Large commercial kitchen with canteen

This total concept is an example of a large professional catering solution including a restaurant section. These kitchens are big enough for a team of 10 employees and can serve up to around 2,000 meals a day.

institutional kitchen with temporary canteen facilities

The Boels Portable Kitchens approach

Your project is our starting point. We make sure you receive comprehensive end-to-end service and support from one contact point, so your projects always run smoothly. Our experts are ready to help. From your initial enquiry to on-site assembly and installation, operating instructions, maintenance and decommissioning.

  • We come to you to discuss what you need
  • We present various options
  • 1 contact person
  • We discuss the (turnkey) concepts with you
  • Instructions at delivery
  • 24/7 technical support
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Ask our experts for an obligation-free quote

Boels Portable Kitchens helps you create additional kitchen capacity. Completely tailor-made and in accordance with your planning. Our experts are happy to sit down with you to discuss your options and prepare a no-obligation quote.

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We have already completed over 1,000 projects in more than 10 countries

The professionals at Boels Portable Kitchens can build on 25 years of expertise and craftsmanship to come up with the best solution for you. And you can be sure that we supervise every project from A to Z with the utmost care, quality and service.

With our years of experience and flexible service, we turn your challenge into a successful project. 

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Our experts are ready to help you in 5 countries

Contact our experts for obligation-free advice. Boels Portable Kitchens has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.