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Boels Lease: the alternative that keeps you going

Do you need specific machinery or tools for a longer period in order to finish your project successfully? And is buying them not really an option? Boels Lease offers you the perfect solution.


The benefits of Boels Lease

  • A lease term from just 12 months.
  • No costs for maintenance, inspections and repairs.
  • No high investment costs
  • Guaranteed availability of machines or tools.
  • Fixed, all-in weekly amount.
  • Machine in your own company colour possible.

No investment

Continuous access to the right machines, but without the burden of high investments and unexpected expenses. With Boels Lease, you can hire a machine for an uninterrupted period from one to five years without all the extra costs. That way you know exactly where you stand financially. You lease, Boels Lease does the rest. From maintenance and inspection to repairs, if needed. We take care of all ancillary tasks relating to the leased equipment, so you can keep focusing on your core business.

100% certainty

You know exactly where you stand with Boels Lease, such as a fixed, all-in weekly price with no additional costs. That amount won't change for the duration of the lease period. After all, a deal is a deal. If a machine needs replacing at any time during this period, new equipment is never far away at one of our 110 branches. And we're available seven days a week and 24 hours a day to answer your questions by phone, online or at a branch — wherever you are, whenever you need help.


Tailored to your specifications

Boels Lease is available for all machine and equipment in our rental range. This includes our ‘green’ machines and tools. You can even come to us for machines that aren't part of the Boels range. From request to quotation, your Boels equipment can be arranged in just two business days. For specific machines outside our range, take five working days into account. Whatever you need, you can count on us.

Will you be leasing a machine for a three-year contract period or longer? Then you have the added option of getting the machine and equipment in the colour and corporate style of your company.


Extending means renewing

Is your lease contract about to expire and do you want to renew it? We invest in new machines with every new lease term, giving you the benefit of new innovations. That means you don't have to wait years to fully write off the machine. You can use the latest equipment as soon as the new lease period starts.


Perhaps you own your machines, but would like to outsource all or part of the maintenance? Boels can help you with that, too. Please contact us for further information.