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With its wide range of ECO machines, Boels helps you get closer to achieving emission targets

Emission-free construction is more within reach than you think. Do you want to minimise the environmental footprint of your construction site, event or project? We offer the largest range of ECO machines in the market, helping you gain ground when it comes to complying with emission targets and regulations. Our ECO label helps you to easily recognise the many sustainable machines and tools in our range. Products with the ECO label have lower CO2 emissions and produce less noise and vibration. They also meet the highest standards for safety and user-friendliness.

Sustainability for everyone

Sustainability for everyone

Boels helps you limit your emissions in every way possible by offering the most innovative machines that are sustainable for people and nature. All ECO label machines have the cleanest engines available on the market. That's because we believe in sustainability and in sustainable equipment rentals for everyone.

Don't let any more projects or orders slip through your fingers because of the stringent laws on work safety, emission reduction and a cleaner environment, and choose our machines and tools with the ECO label.

Why choose machines or tools with the ECO label?

  • Machines and tools with the ECO label are environmentally friendly. They produce fewer emissions, cause less vibration and are a lot quieter. That means they are healthier for the user and for the surrounding community.

  • Tools and machines with the ECO label are quiet and create less noise pollution for staff and the area. They are ideal for projects in quiet urban areas and in noise-sensitive environments such as offices, schools, residential neighbourhoods, hospitals, shopping centres, pedestrian zones and night locations.

  • Machines and tools with an ECO label produce less CO2 emissions and no air pollutants or greenhouse gases are released on your construction site. In their own way, they help in the fight against global warming and to protecting the environment.

  • ECO labelled machines can be used for all kinds of jobs. Because they emit less harmful gases, you can use the machines both outdoors and indoors without any problems.

  • Equipment with the ECO label generally requires less maintenance and saves you on energy costs, for instance because you don't have to change the fluids and filters as often.

  • ECO labelled machines have a longer maintenance interval. You don't have to check oil levels, fuel filters and cooling water, for example. These machines are also easier and faster to inspect.

Customised green solution?

Your particular focus on sustainability is key here. Solutions could include providing advice, supplying zero emission equipment or full-service solutions via the shortlease option.

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Contributing to emission reduction

At Boels, hiring sustainable machines that allow you to work emission-free is easy. We have the broadest selection of zero-emission equipment, as well as hybrid alternatives. With the ECO label, you can show your customers and the environment that you work sustainably. Our sustainable fleet consists of electric, battery-powered and hybrid machines and tools, supplemented with the latest Stage V fuel equipment.

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