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Professional concrete processing machines: Boels helps

You will find everything you need for concrete processing with us: from concrete sanders to dust extractors. That combined with the best service and advice from our specialists.

Man cuts asphalt with asphalt concrete saw

The right tools for processing concrete, we ensure it

Concrete is one of the most popular building products. At Boels, you will find the right equipment for processing brick and concrete, no matter what kind of job you have in mind. Whether you need to strip floors, sand or mill concrete, or make window and door openings. 

Not sure which machine to use to get the job done efficiently? No problem. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of concrete processing, our concrete specialists are happy to advise you. Our machines also comply with the new EU standards against fine dust. We stand for a conscious approach to health and safety at work! 

Advanced job? We are happy to share our knowledge

At Boels, we have a variety of specialised branches within Europe, spanning across several different countries. These branches frequently share the most up-to-date knowledge with each other. We are also happy to share this knowledge with you. For example, will you be using diamond tools to sand concrete? Then we will gladly advise you on-site on the right diamond tools. 

Or will you be working with machines that have advanced operating instructions? Our concrete specialists have been trained by our suppliers to instruct you on how to use the machines. They will be happy to provide you with the right advice and guidance on-site, such as by giving you a short demo of the machine. This helps you start your job with confidence! 

Man sands floor with concrete sander

An ergonomic and healthy approach to work

Because we place a high value on health and well-being, we invest in ergonomic equipment. Take, for example, our concrete sanders equipped with remote control. This means you can sand without any physical strain. We also offer systems to help you work in low dust or even dust-free conditions. This includes our dust extraction units, vacuum cleaners, dust separators or air purifiers. These systems release little to no harmful fine dust.  

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Man at work with an asphalt saw from Boels

Environmentally aware

We offer a variety of solutions for working cleaner and more quietly. One example includes our electric floor saws for sawing in indoor areas such as factories and school buildings. This lets you work emission-free and, if desired, with a 'silent' saw blade installed to prevent excessive noise. Our powerful diesel floor saws comply with modern emission standards for use in low emission zones and can be used without any issue for road works in low emission zones in the city centre.