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Splitting / Shredding

With a wood chipper or garden shredder you can quickly and effortlessly make useful compost or woodchips from your garden waste, wood and greenery. Whether it concerns branches, barks or leaves, with Boels' professional wood chippers you will shred all your garden waste in no time.

4 products
Wood shredder 120 mm petrol
Wood shredder 120 mm petrol

£416.76 per week Excl. VAT

Tree stump grinder, 13 hp petrol
Tree stump grinder, 13 hp petrol

£383.78 per week Excl. VAT

Log splitter 540 mm 240 V
Log splitter 540 mm 240 V

Price on application

Wood shredder 35 mm 240 V
Wood shredder 35 mm 240 V

£228.88 per week Excl. VAT

Hire a wood chipper at Boels

A wood chipper is used for shredding all kinds of green waste from the garden, such as branches and leaves. This is an effective way to reuse garden waste as compost or ground cover. A chipper is also extremely useful if you prefer to throw away pruned branches. By shredding the branches, you can dispose of much more pruning waste in the waste container.

Before renting a garden shredder, it is a good idea to look at the cutting capacity (input diameter) of the machine. This indicates how thick the branches you put in the shredder can be. So, check in advance what cutting capacity is needed for your garden waste.

Boels hires out wood chippers in various sizes and models. From a compact and low-noise wood chipper for chopping branches up to 3.5 cm to a powerful machine that effortlessly processes branches and green waste with a diameter of up to 20 cm.

What is the difference between a wood chipper and shredder?

A wood chipper is also called a garden shredder. They look similar, but they are used for slightly different purposes. A wood chipper can handle large branches and pieces of wood and break them down into small wood chips. Whereas a garden shredder breaks down small and soft material, such as leaves and other garden debris, into compost.

This doesn’t mean that a chipper will not process smaller material. However, if the bulk of the material you are processing is green waste, then a shredder will process this material more efficiently and faster than a chipper.

Electric or petrol? A wood chipper for every job!

Boels hires out various shredders. A portable electric shredder, for example, is ideal for pruning in small (city) gardens. The advantage of an electric shredder is that it is more compact and makes less noise. That is nice for both you and your neighbours.

Need to shred much thicker branches? Then hire a high-powered wood chipper, such as this professional petrol wood chipper 120 mm with wide feed-in opening that effortlessly processes branches up to 12 cm. Thanks to its wheel drive and compact dimensions, you can also easily place this machine in hard-to-reach workplaces.

Where can I hire a wood chipper near me?

Looking for a wood chipper near you? Then you have come to the right place at Boels! We are the rental specialist in the field of wood chippers and other garden tools. With us, you can always rent the best chipper for every job. With over 30 branches in the United Kingdom, there is always one near you. Find your nearest branch now with our branch locator and check out the opening hours.

Working safely with a wood chipper

When using a chipper, good safety for you and your surroundings is important. Wood shredders work with multiple blades that rotate and pull the branches inserted in the shredder towards them with great force. If you hire a machine from Boels, we always give you a brief instruction before you start work. That way, you immediately know how the shredder works and what the safety requirements are. it is also important to wear protective clothing such as safety goggles, gloves, hearing protection, safety shoes and a safety helmet.