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From barriers to complete site securityAccess control

Access control for people and vehicles
Intelligent and easy-to-implement access control solutions for people and vehicles. From a single barrier to a complete security solution including turnstiles, speed gates and camera security.
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Crowd management
Comprehensive registration of all people present in connection with security risks and/or time registration purposes. Various types of sign-in and sign-out kiosks for ensuring proper registration and creating evacuation points.
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Specialist equipment for ensuring the safety and security of every project site, from advanced surveillance cameras to wireless security systems. The camera solutions can be implemented as a video management system for company security guards or as a surveillance camera with an alarm response from our control room.
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GoWorkforce software
Temporary or permanent access control and monitoring who is present on site, pre-registration of workers by your subcontractors, and registration of hours worked on projects.
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  • Scalable security solution. From small to large
  • Guidance from A to Z through one point of contact
  • Personal support from our specialists
  • Total package of security products and solutions

Access control solutions for everyone

IQ-Pass provides security, access control and people registration to protect your employees, property and the environment. We help you set up your temporary surveillance system and access control at your site in a smart and straightforward way. This prevents unauthorised access to construction sites, factory premises or events.

You can find a professional solution with us for virtually every security situation imaginable. The options are endless. And if not, we’ll organise it. IQ-Pass provides access control solutions for projects both large and small. The safest security solution for your project is always within reach; simple, fast and flexible. Get inspired by our endless possibilities and solutions.

Access control for vehicles

Want to monitor vehicle traffic or keep unwanted vehicles off your premises? Boels has a solution for every situation.

Access control for vehicles
Access control for people

Need to prevent unauthorised individuals from entering and exiting? Having clear pedestrian access points is important here, which also applies to temporary activities. IQ-Pass has a comprehensive range of products for access control.

Access control for people
and sign-out kiosks for people

Need accurate presence and time registration? We have a range of sign-in and sign-out kiosks for ensuring proper registration and for creating evacuation points.

and sign-out kiosks for people
Temporary camera security for objects

From sophisticated cameras to wireless surveillance. Our camera solutions can be implemented as video management systems for company security guards or as a surveillance camera with an alarm response from our control room.

Temporary camera security for objects

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The IQ-Pass approach

Your project is also our starting point. For every application, we completely map out the required and target situation and review the risks and requirements. That is the only way to achieve the ideal temporary or permanent solution for your access process management. Because if the standard solutions prove inadequate, we will provide a customised solution.

  • Mapping out the target situation
  • 1 contact person
  • Customised solutions when standard options fall short
  • 24/7 support
How we make every project a success

ISO certifications

IQ-Pass is certified according to ISO 9001 and 27001 (version 2022). This certification demonstrates our commitment to high quality and our information security.

ISO 9001
ISO 9001 is known as the standard for quality management, with organizations consistently demonstrating that they deliver products and services that meet customer requirements and quality standards. This also includes compliance with laws and regulations.

ISO 27001 (version 2022)
ISO 27001 (version 2022) focuses on information security management systems, which provide an effective way to manage and protect confidential data, including personal and/or corporate data.


Tried and tested by more than 100,000 professionals

The professionals at Boels IQ-Pass enlist all their expertise and craftsmanship in order to come up with the best possible solution for you. Time and time again. That means our standard is to assist in every project from start to finish, providing the highest possible care, quality and service. Together, we make sure that your challenge turns into a successful project.

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Optimise your workforce management and site operations with GoWorkforce

GoWorkforce makes your workforce management and on-site operations smart and efficient while also saving you time. It is the ideal (temporary) system for automated access control and contractor registration.

  • Control, regulate and monitor access from one centralised location.
  • Take the responsibility for ensuring your employees’ compliance with the rules off your shoulders.
  • Get the most out of your access control management with pre-connected software integrations
  • Stay completely up-to-date on your employees across multiple projects and improve your business processes based on real-time insights.
  • Your learning management provider for ensuring that all your employees comply with your specific safety standards and policies.
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Boels is the best partner for your temporary on-site security and access control solutions. But Boels is more. With us, you gain access to a one stop shop that has everything you need for your project. This makes it easy for you to enhance your security with fencing or reliable lighting. Whatever you need, we’re here for you with expert advice and all the right resources. Boels keeps you going.