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Boels Without Risk: Avoid Additional Costs

When you rent equipment from Boels, you are liable in case the equipment is damaged. If that is the case, you have to compensate us for the full value of the damage incurred. To eliminate this risk, we now offer Boels Without Risk, a service that covers any and all accidental damage to rented equipment. This way, Boels Without Risk minimizes the risk of you having to pay unexpected additional costs when you work with rented equipment.

How does it work?

Boels Without Risk is purchased at the time you rent equipment. The service covers the equipment you rent during the entire duration of the rental period. The service can be neither obtained at a later time nor cancelled before the end of the rental period. The service costs no more than an additional 7% of the equipment rental price. If the equipment is accidentally damaged during the rental period, you will pay no additional costs. Everything will be handled by us. We will pay the full cost of repairing or replacing the damaged equipment. In addition, you will immediately receive replacement tools or equipment.

  • Zero deductible.
  • The Boels Without Risk service costs 7% of the rental price.
  • The service covers accidental damage to rented machinery or equipment. It does not cover theft or fire.
  • The service must be ordered together with the rental.
  • We make the best effort to resolve disputed cases in favor of the customer.
  • The Boels Without Risk service can be obtained for any rental of machinery or equipment.

Example: Damaged Platform Motor Housing

While work was being performed using a platform, a façade fragment fell and damaged the housing of the platform motor. Repair costs were in excess of CZK 20,000, but the customer did not have to pay any extra charges.

Rental period 21 days
Rental price 1.460 €
Boels Without Risk fee 102 €
Repair cost 894 €

Example: Damaged Compressor Casing

While moving an air compressor backwards, the customer failed to notice an electric power pole. The compressor unit hit the pole, causing damage to its rear section and hood. The damage climbed to as high as CZK 40,725, but thanks to the Boels Without Risk service, the customer paid no extra charge.

Rental period 17 days
Rental price 830 €
Boels Without Risk fee 58 €
Repair cost 1.662 €

Example: Broken Excavator Windshield

The customer rented an excavator with a demolition hammer for nine days. While a concrete panel was being crushed, a concrete fragment flew away and broke the excavator's windshield. Repairs cost CZK 18,479, but thanks to Boels Without Risk, the customer paid no extra charges.

Rental period 9 days
Rental price 845 €
Boels Without Risk fee 59 €
Repair cost 754 €

Example: Damaged Laser

While a job was being done using a rotary laser, the laser tipped over and the laser head assembly broke. In this case, the repair cost would have exceeded the net value of the device. Were it not for Boels Without Risk, the customer would have had to pay the full amount of the unit's net value, specifically CZK 33,268. Thanks to this service, however, the customer paid no extra charges.

Rental period 5 days
Rental price 112 €
Boels Without Risk fee 8 €
Repair cost 1.358 €

Terms and Conditions

Boels Without Risk does not cover damage caused deliberately or due to negligence. Additional information on Boels Without Risk coverage can be found in the General Rental Conditions.

Want to know more?

Please contact your nearest branch for questions regarding the Rental Protection Plan.


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