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Urgent advice and help with facilities during calamities

There are times when you may need urgent facilities in case of an emergency or disaster. This can happen during power cuts, heat waves, floods or epidemics. We contribute our ideas and arrange all the practicalities for you. 

What kind of emergency situations can we help you with? 

Examples of emergencies and large-scale urgent projects we have assisted with:

  • during a moorland fire, providing equipment for emergency services.
  • during a heat wave, drawing up a heat wave response plan and cooling a care home.
  • setting up corona test lanes and vaccination lanes.

But we can also help in other cases such as:

  • if you own a supermarket and the refrigeration fails.
  • if you organise a large event and the emergency generator fails.
  • if you are in urgent need of camera surveillance.

How quickly can we help you?  

Since we have virtually all of the equipment and specialists in-house, that means you only have to deal with one party and we can help you very quickly.

  • Did the refrigeration system in your supermarket break down? Then we can take over and have everything cool within 2 hours.
  • Do you need a fully equipped camp for military personnel? With sleeping quarters, sanitary facilities, kitchens, etc.? We can set that up for you within a week.

Do you have to be a customer of ours for assistance during calamities?

In principle, the service for calamities is intended for our existing customers. But even if you are not yet a customer and find yourself in an emergency situation, you can call on us.

Service en Maintenance

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Emergency assistance

Is there an emergency and you need urgent advice and assistance with facilities? Then call our emergency number.

The emergency number can be reached 24/7

  • We contribute our ideas
  • We arrange everything for you
  • You have only one contact person

Not urgent, but need help?

In doubt as to how we can best help you? Call us from Monday to Friday between 7.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. for a personal consultation.

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