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Frequently asked questions about rentals at Boels

At Boels Rental, you can rent more than 2500 different machines and tools from top brands. On this page you will find frequently asked questions about renting at Boels. Is your question not included? Please feel free to contact the Customer service department. We will be happy to tell you more.

Renting with Boels

I would like to open a Boels account. How does that work?
A business account at Boels can be arranged in no time. We explain how you can open a Boels account on the page Renting on account.

How can I request a copy of an invoice?
Send an e-mail to debiteuren@boels.nl. Please state your customer number and invoice number (or contract number if applicable). We will send you a copy of your invoice as soon as possible.

You can also view, download and print your invoices in MyBoels. With MyBoels you have all your Boels matters clearly organised in one online environment.

Do I always have to reserve a machine in advance?
This is not necessary, but it is recommended. Then you can be sure that the right machine is available.

Do I get an explanation of how a machine works?
You will receive a clear explanation from our staff when you collect the machine, of course. As well as when the machine is delivered. Some machines come with a manual. Do you still have questions? Please feel free to ask them!

Do you also sell machines and tools?
You can also come to us to purchase machines and tools. Read more about the sale of used machines and new machines.

Costs and deposits

Do I have to pay a deposit?
Our machines and tools are worth quite a bit. This is why we ask private customers and companies that do not have a Boels account to pay a deposit. For more information, see also the page How renting works.

How much is the deposit for the machine I want to rent?
The amount of the deposit varies for each machine and depends on the value, among other things. If you want to know exactly how much you will have to pay, please contact the nearest branch.

When will the deposit I paid be refunded?
The security deposit you paid is generally refunded within 2 working days.

What are the costs of consumables and how are they calculated?
The costs of consumables include, for example, fuel and wear costs. Our staff will be happy to give you more information about this when you collect the product.

How are wear and tear costs calculated?
You pay a wear charge for the use of some saw blades and drills. We measure the wear part with a calliper when the item is issued as well as when it’s returned. You then pay for the ‘consumed’ part. 

Minimum wear costs apply. This minimum wear cost covers part of the logistical costs, wear and tear, risk of breakage, etc. The maximum wear cost is equal to the selling price.

Where can I find the prices for items in a catalogue/guide?
You can get price lists from our branches. You will also often find a price for the product on our website.

If I rent from Saturday to Monday, how may days do I pay for?
You have to pay the daily rate. For more information, watch How renting works.

Can I also rent for half a day?
No, the minimum rental period is 24 hours. Read more about it on the page How renting works.

Why does Boels charge a higher rate at its own branches than at DIY centres?
Boels Rental has two different concepts when it comes to machine rentals. On the one hand, the Boels rental points at DIY stores supply a limited product range that is aimed at DIY customers. As a customer, you will be helped by the employee of the DIY store you visit and will also enter into a rental agreement with this DIY store. The possible rental periods and rates are tailored to the do-it-yourselfer. 

The range offered at Boels branches is much broader. There are also much larger stocks of our products available, which means we are able to guarantee better equipment availability from our own branches. These high stock levels, combined with the management of our own premises and staff, means that the rates at our branches are higher than those at DIY centres.

Conditions and procedures

Can I also have the machine delivered and does having this done cost anything?
Machine delivery is also possible, of course. The costs vary for each region and for each item. If you would like more information, please contact your nearest branch.

Am I insured against fire and theft?
As a private customer, you are obliged to sign a damage waiver agreement. A fire theft scheme only applies to business customers. See the overview for these schemes.

What do I have to do if the machine breaks down, is stolen or goes missing?
If the machine breaks down, is stolen or goes missing, you can inform the branch that rented out the machine as quickly as possible. Our 24/7 breakdown service can be reached via 01805 - 123 26 35 (€ 0,14 p.m.).

Where can I find the rental conditions?
This page contains our rental conditions.

Do I need an ID to be able to rent?
Yes, this is compulsory at Boels. You must be able to present valid proof of identity (a passport, ID card or driving licence).

Can I return an item to a different branch to the one I rented it from?
This is often possible. Ask for the options at the branch where you rented the item.

Does rented equipment have to be clean when it is returned?
Yes. If equipment is not returned clean or in good condition, cleaning and/or repair costs will be charged.

When do the rented items have to be returned?
This depends on the rental rate. Boels Rental uses different types of rental rates. For more information, watch How renting works.

(Online) bookings

I made a booking via the Internet, when will I receive confirmation?
We will contact you within one working day.

A large number of machines are listed with ‘price on request’, how can I find out how much it will be to rent them?
In this case, you should contact your nearest branch, by calling 01805 - 123 26 35 (€ 0,14 p.m.).

How can I cancel/change/extend my booking request?
Please contact the branch where the booking was made. Call 01805 - 123 26 35 (€0,14 p.m.) if you made the booking online.


One of my employees has gained access to MyBoels despite not being authorised to do this. Can I make sure this doesn’t happen again?
Yes, you do this via the contact form in MyBoels or your account manager.

Is my debtor number linked to my MyBoels account automatically?
Yes, provided your debtor number has already been linked to an e-mail address.

I can’t log into my MyBoels account. What should I do?
Contact the Customer service Department or your account manager.

How often is the data in MyBoels updated?
We update this data once a day.

Where can I see which of my employees are able to use MyBoels?
You can request this information from us, either via your account manager or the contact form in MyBoels. Alternatively, use the chat function in MyBoels, which enables you to chat with one of our colleagues from the Customer service Department.

Other questions

Questions, remarks and suggestions
Do you have any questions or comments? Or do you see any areas for improvement? We would like to hear what you think! Please pass on your reaction to your normal contact or get in touch with our Customer service department.

Where can I find a branch's opening times/contact information?
You can find all the information about our branches on this page. Including contact details and opening hours.

Are you closed on public holidays?
This varies depending on the branch. Check the branch information for our current opening times.

Do you also give courses about working with machines, scaffolding, etc.?
Yes, Boels has its own training centre: Boels Training. See the full training course offer.

Can you also erect a rolling scaffold for me?
No problem. Ask about the options available. Our specialists will gladly explain all the details to you. Send an e-mail to steigers@boels.com or call +31 (0)33 245 9551.

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