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Petrochemical industry

Boels: the specialist for industrial rental solutions for the petrochemical sector

We offer service and total solutions for daily maintenance, projects and turnarounds for oil/petrochemical processing and products. Both for the chemical and petrochemical industries. We do this for a number of companies and organisations. Safety, of course, is always paramount. With the right certifications, we ensure that we meet all the quality standards. So you can always be sure of a safe petrochemical project with Boels!
Access control at a petrochemical site

A solution for every petrochemical project

Your petrochemical projects are big and important. At Boels, we understand that. That’s why our response is to offer more electrical equipment and equipment that consumes less fuel. Materials that you can use for petrochemical projects as well as chemical projects. Transporting oil safely? Storing chemicals from the paint industry? Installing power and light for a future factory? Boels offers solutions for any petrochemical project.  
Site accommodation at a petrochemical site

Equipment available any time and anywhere

Wherever your industrial project takes place, we are happy to provide the advice, the right materials and the lift and shift equipment to support you. Need vertical mast boom lifts, articulated boom lifts or generators? We can deliver that to you. Thanks to our many years of experience in a range of industrial maintenance and installation projects, we can also offer you excellent advice and services. And, as projects have to continue at all times, we are also willing to visit you on site to inspect the equipment. Because without having it certified, you cannot continue safely. If necessary, we can deliver a container full of the required equipment. We can adjust the selection to suit your requirements exactly so you always have the right equipment at hand and can carry on working safely without interruption. 
Safety comes first

Safety comes first

Working in the petrochemical sector means working in an environment with a lot of safety rules. And of course, safety comes first at Boels Petrochemical. We comply with all the appropriate certifications and train all of our specialists. We know the specific safety regulations and strict equipment requirements in the industry. Because just one single missing certificate can mean delays for your project. And that simply cannot happen. We are well aware of that. That is why we have been awarded the VCA certification for petrochemicals.

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