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SpecialismsConcrete processing

Everything for sawing or grinding in concrete, asphalt and metal. Cut-off saw, manual wall saw, wall saw, angle grinder, stone and mortar saw, router and more.
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Asphalt/concrete saws
Asphalt-concrete saws are indispensable when cutting in asphalt or concrete. Also available with a wide range of diamond blades for cutting in (reinforced) concrete and asphalt.
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Dust control
Want to work in a dust-free environment? Our dust extraction systems, hoovers or air cleaners reduce harmful fine dust.
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Floor renovation
Everything for floor renovation. From concrete sander, floor milling machine and carpet stripper to demolition hammer and concrete grinder.
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  • Fast availability of material in large quantities
  • Extensive concrete processing range with accessories
  • Service and advice from experts
  • Total solutions for every project

All solutions for stone and concrete processing

Need to strip or sand floors, mill or scabble concrete, or create window and door openings? Whether you need to break, drill, roughen, sand, grind, strip or clean concrete, at Boels you will find everything you need for stone and concrete processing: from concrete sanders to dust extractors.

Need help choosing the right material?

Are you doing some remodelling, renovation, demolition, dismantling or new construction work? You can always count on professional support and service from us. Need quick advice or equipment? Our specialised staff are ready to help. Contact us today. And find out how we can help you with the machines, accessories and services you need for your project.

Demo or support on site
Are any machines new to you? Or will you be working on a machine with advanced operating instructions? You will receive clear instructions and advice on how to use the machine and accessories correctly from our specialists. For example, through a short demo or personal support at your work site. This allows you to work safely and with confidence.

Reliable and user-friendly equipment

To ensure that we keep bringing you the latest technology in concrete and stone processing, we continuously invest in state-of-the-art equipment. In our extensive range, you will find the latest concrete processing machinery from renowned brands such as Bosch, Carat Tools, Euro Shatal, Hilti, Husqvarna, Norton Clipper and Stihl. This means that you will always be working with the latest machines that excel in terms of reliability, ease of use, comfort and performance.


Working ergonomically

You take a conscious approach to healthy and safe work practices. At Boels, we place a high value on health and well-being. That’s why we also invest in ergonomic machinery and tools. For example, our concrete sanders are equipped with a remote control for sanding to prevent physical strain. In addition, several grinders and saws are equipped with an anti-vibration system that reduces and dampens vibrations. This makes the work safer and more comfortable.

Low-dust and dust-free working conditions

What about low-dust or even dust-free working conditions? That’s possible with our concrete processing machines that comply with current EU standards concerning fine dust. Our dust extraction units, vacuum cleaners, dust collectors and air purifiers release less harmful fine dust or none at all.

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Minimising noise levels

Drilling, grinding and sawing concrete often involves noisy work. Many of our drills, grinders and saws are able to minimise noise levels. Take our electric floor saws used for cutting inside indoor areas, for example. They are emission-free and are optionally available with a ‘silent’ blade that prevents excessive noise pollution. Or our powerful diesel floor saws that meet the emission standards for use in environmental zones. You can use this equipment without any issue for roadworks in low-emission zones in city centres.

We are committed to reducing emissions, vibrations and noise from our machines. You can recognise these products by our ECO label. Products with this label are better for the health of both the users as well as any nearby residents.

Personal protective equipment
Many of our machines bring noise pollution down to a minimum. But we still advise that you wear the appropriate required personal protective equipment while working. This could include, for example, dust masks or hearing and eye protection. Personal protective equipment can also be purchased at our branches.

Request a no-obligation quote immediately from our experts

Conversion work, renovation, demolition work, dismantling or new construction? Our experts are happy to help you discuss the options and prepare a no-obligation quote.

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Well-maintained equipment

When you rent from Boels, you can rest assured that you will be supplied with equipment that has been properly checked and cleaned. All of our concrete processing machines comply with the applicable (legal) safety regulations. But we also take it one step further. In fact, we actually inspect our equipment beyond what the law requires. This guarantees that you will be working with reliable, high-quality machines.


Total solutions for your project

Boels offers a complete solution for all your rental needs. Whether you need a single concrete processing machine or equipment for an entire project. You will find everything you need to meet your challenge. Know-how, service and an extensive product range. All in one place. With everything arranged quickly and easily. By phone, via chat or even in person if you prefer. We’re always available for any questions you may have. Even if you aren’t yet a customer. Boels keeps you going.

High availability and fast

In urgent need of equipment to prevent your construction or concrete project from stalling? We make sure you can keep working without any delays. In our extensive range of 860,000 rental items, you will always find suitable equipment for your project. 

Collection or delivery
With our delivery and collection service, we can also deliver tools and machines on location. Right down to your construction site. The cost of delivery and collection varies according to the region and item. Contact your nearest branch for more information.

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Our experts are ready to assist you

Renovate, repair or finish concrete? Our experts will help you find an optimal solution. Contact us today and find out how we can help you.