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SpecialismsConstruction hoists

Safe construction hoists, transport and lifting platforms

Whether you need a reliable passenger/goods lift or are looking for a transport or lifting platform, we are there for you with the required equipment, knowledge and specialists.

Construction hoist at a construction project

Lifts for all sectors

Do you need vertical transport within your project? With our lifts, we are active in new construction and renovation projects in commercial, residential and industrial construction as well as the petrochemical sector. All our lifts meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

From lightweight to mammoth
A professional lift is one that perfectly balances logistics, ergonomics and efficiency. We are your partner for all types of lifts: construction hoists, transport platforms, lifting platforms and passenger/goods lifts. From lightweight lifts for 200 kg to mammoths for 2000 kg. 

Full-service package

When it comes to our lifts, the top priority is the safe, reliable and efficient transport of people and goods. We have the right professional lifts available for every weight and height. And our specialists are also available, if you need. 

If you opt for our full service support, we arrange everything for you:

  • transport, 
  • assembly and disassembly,
  • maintenance,
  • inspections,
  • service in case of malfunctions (24/7),
  • training courses.

What can you expect when you choose construction hoists from Boels?
With us, you have a single point of contact. Together with you, we discuss what kind of lift or lifts you need. We look at where and how we can safely place the lifts.

Passenger/goods lift during construction project

A solution for every problem

We have many years of experience, even with challenging situations. For example the installation of lifts in lift shafts that are under construction, or in old lift shafts. Our specialists make all the necessary drawings and calculations for this themselves. 

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Transport scaffolding at a construction site

Where can you go for help?

Boels has a number of branches that specialise in construction hoists. 
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