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Boels Sales: for accessories, supplies and machines

Boels offers a wide range of consumables, personal protective equipment (PPE) and accessories. But new machines and tools are also possible. Our sales range consists exclusively of A-brands. The products have the quality you have come to expect from us.

Sale of consumables and PPE

You can go to any Boels branch to buy accessories and supplies for the machines you rent from us. Visit us for fuel, diamond products, abrasives, drill bits, chisels, blasting grit, as well as for other machine accessories such as cleaning products and personal protective equipment.

Purchase of new machines and tools

Are you looking for a particular machine or tool? Or do you need a specific type of work platform for your project? Whatever equipment you need, you're bound to find it in the Boels rental range. Our young rental fleet always has the latest innovations. And if you prefer to buy a machine or equipment, we'll be happy to sit down with you to discuss the options (new or used). Thanks to our long-standing relationship with suppliers, we can always get exactly what you need.

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