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Mobile LED screens fast, professional and anywhere

Are you organising an event, festival or product presentation? And are you looking for an LED screen to display a video or presentation? We offer LED screens on-site at short notice. There is a screen that fits every situation.

Mobile 40m² LED screen in Saverne during the football World Cup

The ideal mobile LED screen for every event

Whether you have 100 or 100,000 visitors. Whether you need the LED screen for a day or a week, we have a suitable solution for every event. The mobile LED screens are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 6 to 60 m². The latter is perfect for large events, such as festivals and sports competitions. Call us: +31332050824.

Which mobile LED screen you need depends on the number of visitors and the minimum viewing distance to the screen. We will gladly help you make the best decision.

Operational in no time at all

What is the major benefit of our mobile LED screens? It can be operational within an hour. The screen folds out, so to speak, above the trailer. 

The screen can rotate 360 degrees and is equipped with a scaler processor with various video inputs, including HDMI and (HD)SDI. The screen is optionally available with audio and power supply. 

TV kar 20m² LED screen during an event

Fast delivery to any location

Fast delivery is our speciality. When you request a quote from us, you will receive a customised quotation within a day. Fast delivery of our LED screens is also guaranteed. Same-day delivery is often possible. To any location. Do you see any challenges? We are happy to help you find a solution.

Need help or advice with your choice?

We are there to help you. Please feel free to contact us.

Mobile 20m² LED screen during the football World Cup

A mobile LED screen for every situation

Boels contributes professionalism to your concert, festival, product presentation or sports event. Call +31332050824 for more information or product specifications.