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Painting & Decorating

The right machines and equipment can help you achieve smooth end results with painting and wallpapering. From airless sprayers to wallpaper steamers, and from linoleum rollers to line markers, at Boels you can hire exactly what you need. 

Preparing the base layer is an important step in being able to work quickly and cleanly. Do you want to remove old wallpaper quickly, for example? You can do this effortlessly with our wallpaper steamer. We also offer paint heat guns and a variety of accessories such as spray overalls, brushes and drop cloths. Also have a look at our airless sprayers and rollers, which help you achieve better results faster and more efficiently. Working airless means that productivity per square metre can be up to 3 to 5 times higher than with manual rolling. Airless sprayers also help you distribute the paint better and get a nicer finish on the surface. The days of painting with materials like rollers and brushes are long gone.