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SpecialismsGarden and landscaping maintenance

Garden and landscaping? Boels provides you with the right tools and equipment.

You can find all the equipment you need for gardening and landscaping with us: from augers and trenchers to tracked tree stump shredders. That combined with the best service and advice from our specialists.

Mobile wood chipper processing branches

All you need to maintain your garden or park – we take care of it

Gardens and parks require constant upkeep. Private and professional users alike can find the right tools at Boels for garden or lawn work that looks professional. Whether it is trenchers, tree stump shredders, mini excavators or cordless tools. Boels has an extremely broad range of garden and landscaping equipment.

Not sure which tools are best to use for your garden? No problem. You can always rely on us for expert advice.

Gardens and lawns need a lot of upkeep

This not only includes mowing the lawn and cutting and pruning trees and bushes, but also splitting and shredding wood, putting up fences and railings or weed control. As a gardener or garden enthusiast, you want to have access to the best machines and equipment, helping you get your work done quickly and effortlessly.

Tree stump shredder removing tree stump

Wide selection for gardening and landscaping maintenance

We have a wide range of rental garden tools available for the above examples and other ‘green’ jobs. Maintaining bushes, hedges and pines is very easy with our handy hedge trimmers, for example. Our range also includes mowers, augers, chain saws, tracked trenchers and mobile shredders. But we also have stump grinders, leaf blowers and a wide range of cordless garden tools. Hire the right tools for every landscaping and garden maintenance job!

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Modern and green

At Boels, we naturally take the environment into account as much as possible. That means that all the garden tools in our range are modern, eco-friendly and reliable. This certainly comes in handy, especially considering that some of the work is seasonal. You may not need to use some of the gardening and landscaping equipment all year round. In addition, we are happy to advise you and you can always count on clear explanations. 

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