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We have a wide range of cleaning machines to clean items such as carpets, floors, façades, sewers, pavements and sanitary facilities. Essential for good hygiene and a maximum service life!

Professional cleaning starts with the right cleaning machines for your task. Do you clean a lot of carpets, for example? Then a hoover and a carpet cleaner are both essential. Because a lot of dirt can also build up on the lower layers of a carpet. A carpet cleaner helps you ensure a thorough deep cleaning. These carpet cleaners can also be used for cleaning sofas, car seats and upholstery. Or how about hiring a steam cleaner? Our professional steam cleaners are suitable for cleaning items such as tiles, sanitary facilities, kitchen equipment and windows. They reduce mildew and disinfect and are also environmentally friendly, hygienic and cost-effective. For precise blasting and cleaning work, we can also offer you a variety of blasting machines for hire.