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SpecialismsDrilling and breaking

The right supplies for drilling and demolition

We offer everything you need for your drilling and demolition jobs. That means you can come to us not only for the right equipment and accessories, but also for sound advice and service from our specialists.

Man with diamond drill

Boels, your total partner for drilling and demolition work

No renovation or construction project takes place without drilling, breaking or demolishing walls, foundations or other surfaces. We offer a wide range of equipment and tools for all your demolition and drilling work needs. From diamond drills for easily drilling large holes, to breakers for heavier work such as cement or concrete floor demolition.

Working clean and dust-free

During drilling and breaking, a lot of dust can be released. We offer a variety of solutions for working clean and dust-free, and therefore healthier. This includes slurry collection systems for wet drilling with a diamond drill, and dust extraction for dry drilling with a diamond drill. Wearing respiratory protection while working remains important, of course, in order to avoid inhaling dust. 

Need help making your choice?

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Man with diamond drill

Instructions on the use of your equipment

Do you need more explanation on how to use your equipment? Our specialists have been trained by our suppliers to instruct you on how to use the equipment. They will be happy to provide you with the right advice and guidance on site, such as by giving you a short demo of the equipment. So you can start your job with the right knowledge and information. You can count on Boels!

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