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A must for working at heights: scaffolding, ladders and stairs. We offer these items in a range of types and sizes. So you will always find the right solution for working safely at heights for your situation!

You can come to us for a range of items such as mobile scaffolding, indoor scaffolding and roof scaffolding. Mobile scaffolding is suitable for working indoors and outdoors and at great heights. Another advantage is that mobile scaffolding is what is called system scaffolding, which means that they are easy to assemble. Are you working indoors? Then hiring indoor scaffolding is sufficient in most cases. We also offer façade scaffolding. This is a suitable option when, for example, there are obstacles on the ground and/or on the façade. It is also used when entrances have to remain free and/or the scaffolding is located on a public road or pavement. And do you have work to be done on the roof? Then you can work safely on the roof with one of our roof scaffolding options.