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We make sure you can keep going without any delays

Has a project stalled? You certainly don’t need that. We make sure you can always keep going without any delays. Want to know what Boels can do for you?


Continuous support and service

Need quick advice and assistance with facilities? We are always ready to provide you with the equipment and services you need for your projects. We make sure you can always count on us with our continuous support and service, so your project never shuts down.

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Young fleet of high-quality equipment

We continuously invest in updating and maintaining our equipment to offer you only the very best quality. Because when you rent from Boels, you can rest assured that your equipment has always been checked, cleaned and inspected. And our young fleet with an average age of 48 months means that you always have modern, dependable machines.

To the full range

Critical support for emergencies

Whether you need emergency facilities or additional equipment right away, you can always count on our fast and efficient critical support services in case of emergencies. Boels is here to help you.

Fuel management

Don’t want to waste time refuelling? Save time and effort with our fuel management service. We take care of refuelling the tanks so you can focus completely on your work.

On-site repair & maintenance

Repairs and maintenance? Leave that to us. We handle the maintenance and repair of hired equipment on site with our service & maintenance service. Our qualified technicians make sure the equipment continues to perform at its best during your project.


Want to know where and when your equipment is being used, how much it is being operated, when it’s time for maintenance, and to have control over who can access it? We analyse all of the available data on your hired equipment to help you optimise the way you work.


Rental Protection Plan

Of course, things do happen sometimes, but that doesn't mean your project has to grind to a halt. Our Rental Protection Plan covers you in case of damage or theft. And needless to say, we also make sure a new machine is ready for you in no time flat. Allowing you to work on your projects worry-free. So convenient.

Rental Protection Plan

Make sure your projects never comes to a standstill

Keeping your project going without any delays. That's what we're all about. We’re here to support you with every aspect of your construction and infrastructure projects. From advice to delivery and training to fuel management, Boels makes sure you can focus on your work, while we take care of the rest. Contact us today and find out how we can help you keep your projects going.