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Specialist in professional measuring instruments and communication solutions

Boels offers a wide range of professional measuring instruments for the construction, infrastructure and industrial purposes; available for hire, short lease and sale. We also have a well-equipped service department for maintenance and calibration of your measuring instruments. Our specialists are available to you for your specific needs in training and support.

This surveyor is working with the newest Leica GS18 GPS rover with tilt function

One stop shop with top products and brands

Our wide range of measuring instruments and construction and land surveying equipment includes construction lasers, sewer lasers, levelling instruments, GPS rovers and total stations. And not to mention thermal imaging cameras, cable locators, gas detectors, walkie-talkies and CO, IAO, lux, humidity and temperature meters. All from the well-known leading brands.

For more flexibility and optimum performance, we supply the type and brand of instrument that best suits your work. All our GPS rovers come standard connected to the most flexible reference network with no geographical limitations. If you need calibrated gas detectors or ATEX walkie-talkies, we can also provide you with a suitable solution. Whether it’s a one-day or a year-long project, Boels offers you the right solution. Besides rental, flexible rental and short lease solutions, Boels also offers the possibility of buying measuring instruments, accessories and consumables. Our professionals are happy to provide you with advice, training and support. So convenient!

The number 1 in service

What makes Boels so unique is its certified service department. It is the most advanced, multi-brand certified as well as the largest in Europe. It employs instrument makers with over 40 years of experience. They ensure that survey experts can carry out their work with properly maintained and calibrated instruments. Our service engineers not only keep our own rental fleet in top condition, but also instruments owned by our clients. You have also come to the right place for hiring specialist instruments that cannot be found in regular Boels branches.

Specialist instruments from multiple brands
We do not focus solely on one brand, which means that we always have a suitable instrument available. If we cannot meet a specific demand, we will do our utmost to find an appropriate solution together with you.

Surveyor with Leica robot total station in chemical plant; gas detection and face protection required.

Working safely with the wide product range from Boels

Working with high-tech safety and communication equipment means working in an environment where safety rules must be observed. The equipment has to be well-maintained and calibrated so that the project work can be done accurately and without error. This includes gas detection in the industrial sector, where it is vital for gas detection sensors to function at an optimum level. That is why our gas detectors are always supplied with a certificate, meaning that you can get started safely.

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Calibration of construction lasers, total stations and GPS at an authorised and ISO9001-2008 certified department

Where can you go for help?

We are happy to help you in our specialist Survey & Laser branches. This is also the right place to come for calibrating your own construction lasers or levelling instruments. For specific questions about total stations, GPS and gas detection, please visit the Survey & Laser head office at Geurdeland 1 in the village of Andelst.
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