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Compressors and air tools for any application imaginable

You can rely on Boels for compressors for industrial applications – in the petrochemical, food industry and construction sectors. No matter how big or small your project, or how tough the circumstances, we will help you get the job done. 

Connecting a compressor

Air for industrial applications

At Boels, you can hire compressors for a range of industrial compressed air applications, such as for driving pneumatic tools with drilling, grinding and sawing work. But blasting and spraying, or lifting and handling are also possible. You can also use our compressors for pressurising and drying ring pipes. This helps you ensure a safe installation that can be supplied with a certification. 

After cooling and drying
All compressors are equipped with a built-in after cooler. Do you need extra dry air for your applications? Our separate after coolers cool the compressed air down to 10°C above the outside air temperature. If you want to have extra dry air, we recommend using our adsorption dryers.

Pneumatic tools and accessories

Boels also offers a variety of air-powered tools to help you complete your work. That includes pneumatic drills, hoisting cushions, torque wrenches, concrete scarifiers, impact wrenches, die grinders, sanders and paint sprayers. Of course, you can also hire a variety of accessories for compressors and air tools from us. This could include air hoses, hose catchers or air conditioners.

Diesel compressor on a construction site

Air and construction

Boels also has a variety of (electric) compressors and tools for all kinds of construction and DIY jobs, such as breakers and chipping hammers for heavy-duty demolition work. For demolishing stone, tiles and grouting or for chipping off plaster. But don’t forget staplers and nail guns. 

Need help making your choice?

Boels has a number of specialised Air branches. You can recognise them by the green logo next to the respective branch. Please feel free to contact us.

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Compressor on a construction project

Working safely with compressors

Most Boels diesel compressors come standard equipped with a built-in spark arrester, after cooler and MSA protection. That means you can confidently use our products in any environment and even during major turnarounds. Our relatively young fleet also complies with all the latest emission requirements.