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Portable toilets at an event venue

Make your event a success with Boels

Events require a large number of facilities to be available in a short space of time. From cash desks, shops, changing rooms and artist dressing rooms to temporary office space, storage space, first-aid posts, camera security, lockers, waste receptacles and sanitary tanks. This is the perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate the unique skills we have in house!
Portable toilets at an event venue

Unique solutions for all types of events

Events, (food) festivals, concerts – there are so many different types of events. Boels supplies a wide range of temporary accommodation for any event. Think of office units, for example. These can be used as backstage areas for performers, first-aid posts or as a central location for emergency services and security. The units can be fitted with extra windows and doors, a glass wall or a rooftop terrace. 

We also have an extensive range of sanitary units. The units can be used both for small local events and for major international festivals. In addition, Boels supplies cashier booth units with large windows, an intercom and an opening for cash and card transactions. And that’s just a small selection from our full range of products for events. There is a solution for every single event!

Forklift at an event venue

One-stop shopping for your entire event

When organising an event, it’s nice to have just one contact person that you can turn to. That’s possible at Boels. You have one contact who liaises with the various Boels departments and makes all the arrangements on your behalf. 

It’s also possible to have support on location. You can leave the practical aspects to us. Our specialist will take stock of the situation, coordinate the site set-up and act as your personal contact for all your equipment and material requirements. Full-service is what we call it. Of course, this includes assembly and disassembly. And not just in the Netherlands – throughout all of Europe!

The rental specialists of Boels can arrange everything you need for a successful event. In addition, we make full use of our many years of project experience for every job. And we always continue developing our products and services.

Preparing an event location

Safety comes first

When providing security for an event, it is not only important to keep unauthorised people out, but also to know who is present at your event. All access control solutions are taken care of by one of our specialist departments. In addition, Boels makes security possible with temporary camera surveillance. Efficient security that even includes the option of real-time detection. 

Granting automatic access? No matter what kind of event it is – a horse race, a car race on the race track, or a music event with thousands of spectators – the Crowd Gate allows you to provide safe and fast access for large groups of people. The Crowd Gate is a mobile unit that you can hire from Boels. Moreover, all our employees and specialists are trained and have the appropriate certificates. We always ensure that your event runs safely!

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