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Truck-based aerial work platforms
A vehicle-mounted boom lift provides safe and flexible access at heights of up to 26 metres. Available in telescopic and articulated models. Can also be hired as a hybrid vehicle-mounted boom lift.
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Passenger lifts
Passenger lifts are suitable for working at lower heights. They are useful for a variety of maintenance, service, assembly and painting jobs.
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Scissor lifts (battery)
Battery-powered scissor lifts offer a quiet, environmentally friendly option for working safely at height. The battery-powered scissor lift is mainly used for indoor applications.
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Scissor lifts (diesel)
Diesel-powered scissor lifts used to safely lift people and equipment to the desired height. Only for use in outdoor work. Also available with tracks, an extra-large work platform or as a rough terrain model.
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Telescopic boom lifts
Telescopic boom lifts for working at great heights of up to 43 metres. Available with four-wheel drive, tracks or an extra-large work platform.
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Spider aerial work platforms
Articulated spider boom lifts and articulated spider telescopic boom lifts for indoor and outdoor use. Up to a working height of 31 metres. Available with non-marking tracks, JIB and as a hybrid model.
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Articulated telescopic boom lifts
Articulated boom lifts for indoor and outdoor use, as well as for use on heavy terrain. Also available with four-wheel drive, rough-terrain wheels and non-marking tyres.
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Low-level access
Low-level passenger lifts for working safely at low heights. Can be used for virtually any maintenance and installation work up to a maximum working height of 5.1 metres.
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  • High availability of inspected boom lifts
  • Advice and support from experts
  • Zero and low emission boom lifts
  • Simple and fast tool rental solutions

Boom lifts for any project

Need a boom lift for work involving maintenance, painting, installation technology, cladding, landscaping or other jobs? Whether for large or smaller projects, indoor or outdoor applications, challenging conditions and difficult terrain, or short and longer rental periods. You are guaranteed to find the right boom lift to suit your specific project.


Choosing the right boom lift

There are several factors involved in choosing a boom lift. Examples include working at height, the lifting capacity, reach, workspace, drive, permitted ground pressure and other terrain conditions.

Do you have a petrochemical project with specific requirements? Or need to take surfaces with low bearing capacity into consideration? Or are there actually marshy conditions? Looking for a compact and lightweight boom lift for hard-to-reach places or a powerful boom lift for extreme terrains? We have electric, hybrid and fuel-powered models for every job and any terrain.

Advice from experts
Are you unsure which boom lift or related accessories you need? Good advice is important for working safely, efficiently and without interruption. That’s why our experts provide customised advice, pro-actively offer ideas and have a solution for every challenge at height

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Always ready for delivery

To allow projects at height to progress, it’s important to have the right boom lift. Be it a complex project or an unexpected rush job, we make sure you can continue working without delays. Always available thanks to Europe’s largest and most extensive rental range.

Collection or delivery
Can the boom lift be delivered on location? Yes, it can. We offer a delivery and collection service for boom lifts. Right down to your construction site if necessary. The costs vary for each region and for each item. For more information, please contact your nearest branch.

An updated and expanding range of boom lifts

At Boels, you’ll be hiring state-of-the-art boom lifts that are at the cutting edge of quality, ease of use, comfort and performance. In fact, at an average age of 48 months, we have the youngest rental fleet in Europe. And we are constantly expanding and updating the fleet. Every year, we add the latest machines from top brands to our range. In the process, we carefully consider your needs as well as any new regulations.


Environmentally friendly boom lifts

Want to minimise emissions with environmentally friendly machinery? Boels can help. Much of our fleet consists of the latest electric and hybrid boom lifts. Our ECO label helps you recognise which boom lifts are sustainable. Equipment with this label emits less CO2, is quieter and also vibrates less. The ECO label ensures that you have battery, electric or hybrid boom lifts that contribute to zero-emission operations.

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Contact one of our experts without obligation

Request a non-committal quote today. Our experts are ready to assist you in assembling the perfect aerial work platform solution for your project and will provide you with a customized quote. Contact us now and benefit from our prompt service.

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Scissor lifts

A scissor lift offers you a safe, efficient, and versatile solution for working at height.

Scissor lifts provide a stable work platform and minimise the risk of falling.

High lifting capacity
They can lift several people as well as heavy equipment.

Efficiency and flexibility
They work fast and are suitable for indoor or outdoor work on a variety of terrains.

Spacious work surface and precise positioning
Scissor lifts provide ample space for tasks involving multiple people and ensure precise positioning when working at height.


Telescopic boom lifts

With a telescopic boom lift, you can work safely and efficiently at height. They are suitable for a wide range of sectors, including construction, installation technology and façade cleaning.

Extensive reach and height
Telescopic boom lifts can reach considerable heights and offer excellent horizontal reach. Ideal for tasks at height as well as hard-to-reach places.

Efficiency and flexibility
They move up and down quickly and smoothly. This improves the efficiency of your work at height. They can also be used on rough terrain as well as on paved surfaces.

High lifting capacity and stability
Telescopic boom lifts can lift several people and heavy equipment at the same time. They are equipped with sturdy outriggers or support legs for stability.

Sustainability and telematics

We contribute to higher sustainability by expanding our product range with sustainable and environmentally friendly machines and tools. We also invest in cutting-edge technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Building Information Modelling (BIM).


BIM library

Rather than being drawn on paper, projects come to life in a digital format with Building Information Modelling (BIM). This means that BIM offers you a number of advantages. For example, it minimises the risk of design and construction errors. This saves time and improves cost efficiency. Need to include a boom lift in your BIM project? You can find a wide range of free BIM models in our BIM library.

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Telematics data

Looking for information on the usage, operating hours and maintenance needs of your hired machines? With MyBoels, you have access to instant insight into the current performance of machines equipped with telematics.

  • Fuel level
  • Battery voltage
  • DEF tank status
  • Average daily consumption
  • Fuel consumption
  • Error codes
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Customized advice and support

Call us for advice, fast service, and reliable solutions. Our experts are ready to answer your questions and provide you with the right aerial work platforms and services.


Safety, our number one priority

At Boels, everything revolves around expertise, safety and reliability. The only boom lifts you can hire from us are those that are fully compliant with all the applicable (statutory) safety regulations. We even go a step further. We certify our machines above and beyond what the law requires. After each rental period, they undergo a thorough inspection. No boom lift will return to the rental cycle unless it has first been inspected and certified.

Boels can also help you with

Boels is your partner for the best and safest aerial work platforms for working at height. But besides our rental solutions, we also offer additional services to relieve you further. We are at your service with sound advice and the right tools.