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Site Accommodation: top quality temporary work and accommodation spaces

Do you need a work or accommodation space? A temporary facility that also has versatile applications? Then look no further than Boels.

Site accommodation provided with temporary equipment

Tailor-made accommodation solutions

The world doesn't stop turning while your buildings are being built or renovated. At times like these, Boels Modular Accommodation arranges temporary accommodation to keep things moving. Delivered quickly, in a variety of sizes and to any location. Now, that's nice.
The clever stack and link system offers a wide range of possibilities. For example, a unit can be set up as an office, a space for artists, a dressing room or a storage room. But it can also be used as a computer or press room, classroom, first aid station, cash desk, canteen or jury room. The units from Boels have standard dimensions, but the outer walls can be (partially) removed to create larger spaces. Thanks to this clever system, the units can be quickly assembled and disassembled. This means we can respond quickly to any changes. 

Sustainability and energy savings

Sustainability, recycling and energy consumption are very important to us at Boels. That’s why the materials used in our units are all 'toxproof'. They do not contain any harmful substances and the units are almost fully recyclable. Thanks to the high insulation value and the double glazing, you can easily create a comfortable climate. That’s why it is such a pleasure to work in our units. You won’t be cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.

Sanitary facilities at an event venue

Need facilities for an event?

A lot of different kinds of facilities are needed for large and small events. Boels is your partner for your entire event. From cash desks, shops, artist accommodation and changing rooms to temporary office space, first-aid stations or sanitary tanks.

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Set-up of dozens of modular units for temporary accommodation

Fast delivery

From a single unit to a three layer set-up and 50 units or more. No matter if it's for a few weeks or a few years, anything is possible. Thanks to our nationwide coverage, fast delivery of the units is guaranteed. For advice without obligation, please contact us. We are happy to help you find a solution.